Hearing Aid Repair in Oswego, NY

Oswego Hearing Aid Repair
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The best way to keep your hearing aid devices in top working order is by following your hearing aid provider’s instructions for proper care and use.

Even when we are careful and diligent about using our hearing aids, things still go wrong like loose wires and clogged tubes.

If you are having trouble with your hearing aids, even if you did not purchase them from Port City Hearing, give us a call and we will see if we can take care of the repair right in the office, if possible while you wait. In-office repairs include loose or broken wires, broken tubes, battery check/replacement, and cleaning. The typical, in-office repair will usually run the same as an office visit, which is $20.

If the repair cannot be done in the office due to needing parts or having to send the hearing device back to the manufacturer, there may be additional cost and time involved. In many circumstances, loaner aids may be available while your current aids are being repaired.

If the aids cannot be repaired , Kris Rookey, HIS and owner of Port City Hearing will discuss your options with you so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Call Port City hearing at (315) 312-0097 and make an appointment to bring your hearing aid(s) in to be looked at. An appointment is necessary to be sure we have the necessary parts you may need and so we can spend the proper amount of time with you. Remember even if you did not purchase your devices at Port City Hearing, we will still take a look and make the repair if we can.

Port City Hearing…we put the CARE in your hearing healthcare.

Photo: Kris Rookey, Hearing Instrument Specialist and owner of Port City Hearing works on an in-office hearing aid repair.

August 2021: Masks are required to enter the building.Thank you.

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