Hunters: Protect Your Hearing!

Oswego Hearing Protection

Hunters: Protect Your Hearing!

Hunters should be aware that a single gunshot can result in permanent hearing damage. Wearing proper hearing  protection when hunting is essential.

Off-the-shelf hearing protection is often uncomfortable and can make it hard to talk to your shooting partners. Port City Hearing. will fit you with custom hearing protection for hunters that will not only properly protect your ears from hearing damage caused by gunfire, but will fit properly, and allow you to control the amplification of the noises that you DO want to hear while hunting.

During your initial appointment, our hearing instrument specialist will take ear molds of your ears. A foam barrier is placed  in your ear to prevent anything from entering your inner ear. Impression material is then injected into your ear.

After about two minutes the material hardens, making an impression of your ear.  The impressions are used to create your custom-fitting hunter's hearing protection!  We will contact you when your devices arrive.  You will come in and we will make sure they fit and show you how to use them.

Features of custom hearing protection for hunters:

  • Suppresses noise at 95dB
  • 30dB of Amplification
  • Custom ear molds
  • Choice of Silver or Platinum Technology
  • Most advanced, 100% digital electronic hearing protection

Start protecting your hearing today by calling the hearing healthcare professionals at Port City Hearing at (315) 312-0097 to get your proper hearing protection when you hunt.

You will hunt your best for less!

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